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Wild Hotteok Style Potato Cakes

This ended up being one of my most popular recent posts on Instagram - I should have guessed as cheese and potatoes are one of my dream combinations and that irresistible texture of melted cheese feels like a universal truth. I came across the Korean streetfood hotteok through one of those very satisfying quiet Youtube food videos (I reccomend this video with the cute cat!) when researching different breads from around the world. While this is not really a bread it crosses that line we enjoy jumping into in Ireland which is combining as many carbs as possible - I would even go so far as to have one of these between two slices of buttered bread with a pint - too much? Adding wild greens feels highly inauthentic too so do feel free to try out the original recipe here by Yummy Tummy Aarthi  These must be eaten hot and as soon as possible. I had to experiment with different temperatures on the hob to get this just right too so if you're worried make extra potatoes - never a hardship. 


I used rooster potatoes for this but I honestly feel like any potato will do expect something very very dry and fluffy but even then I think you could add more cornflour to balance it. You might need to play with the texture of the dough a bit to get it just right but so worth it!

You will need
A large bowl & wooden spoon
A medium sized pot for cooking potatoes
A deep frying pan or skillet for frying

Makes 10ish cakes
500g potatoes peeled and cut into large cubes of similar size
40g sugar
50g cornflour plus more for dusting
Large handful of wild garlic leaves, three cornered leek, nettle or any combination you like chopped fairly fine
200g low moisture mozzarella grated
Neutral oil for frying 
Salt and pepper

Boil or steam the potatoes until completely tender and allow to dry out in a colander for a few minutes to get rid of any extra moisture. Mash the potatoes while they are still warm really thoroughly with some salt and pepper - they should be really creamy. Add the sugar and cornflour and mix together. Divide into 10 portions and make into a ball shape. Mix the cheese with your greens with some salt and pepper.

Dust more cornflour on to you hands take a ball of dough and press into a disc either in your hands or on the counter whichever feels easiest. Grab a pinch of the cheese and green mix and place in the middle of the disc - about a teaspoon should be enough. Form the dough around the cheese and shape into a patty with the cheese inside. Dust with a little more flour and set aside to complete the shaping. Once all of your cakes are ready add about 1 centimetre of oil in a heavy pan and heat on medium. Add the cakes to the pan 2 or 3 at a time and cook gently until toasty brown on both sides. Serve immediately to get that full molten cheese effect. 

Wild Hotteok

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