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These come together very easily in a bowl. The only key is to get them as thin as possible for that really great crunch. These keep exceptionally well in a airtight container - at least two weeks. 

You will need
1 medium bowl
1 tray lined with non stick paper
Rolling pin

Pastry cutter
Pastry brush


Makes at least 24


150g rye flour (I like Doves) plus a wee bit extra for dusting

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tablespoon of dried and crushed seaweed - dulse, bladderwrack, channel wrack, pepperdulse, gutweed - plus a litte extra for sprinkling on top 

1 tsp brown sugar 

15g melted butter or oil

90ml cold water

For the topping

Egg white

Flaky sea salt

Preheat your oven to 200. Mix together all of the ingredients salt until thoroughly bound together. It should make a pleasantly firm dough not too dry or wet. It is totally ok to add a little more water or flour to get this texture. Divide into four and wrap three pieces up to stop drying out. Roll out the piece of dough until thin as possible and cut into your desired shape. Brush the top with a little egg white and sprinkle over a little salt and seaweed. Bake for 8-10 minutes - if your crackers are a little bigger this might need a couple more minutes. They should be slightly browned at the edges. Allow to cool completely before putting into a airtight container. These are awesome with any cheese or humous. 


Seaweed and Rye Crackers

These are the easiest, most versatile cracker recipe I have in my notebook. I have modified lots of aspects with different flavours, fats and flours and they always turn out great. The rye makes all the difference - that sweet bran flavour is key. These also cut beautifully into a range of shapes and the dough re-rolls so easily. You can use any seaweed with this but the punch of dulse or pepperdulse work really well. If gathering seaweed be sure to not pull from the rocks and consider the tides too - don't get stranded for crackers! It's not worth it. Great advice on seaweed here from Mark Williams


I achieved this shape using a round cutter to cut a circle and then cut an oval using the same cutter from the circle. I used a teaspoon to get the 'veins' look.  

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