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Seville Orange, Hogseed and Woodruff  

Strong flavours are slim pickings in the shorter days but the more I have foraged the more I have I have found myself processing for storage thus allowing me to be creative with recipes all year round. Hogweed seed dries nicely on the stem which is when I would harvest it for long term storing. If you haven't tried it before the taste profile of hogweed seed is pretty full on and hard to describe but my go to description is like biting into orange skin - zesty with that tingly feeling on your lips. In the January citrus season Seville orange is a natural flavour friend.


This is is a slightly modified recipe from Dini of The Flavour Blender who has a really fabulous guide to making these marshmallows and I really recommend reading through her guide before attempting these. These marshmallows are seriously easy with a big kick of flavour that could be really easily modified with other special wild and seasonal infusions. I'm already thinking about elderberry, rose and linden flavours later this year. 


Makes about Twenty Chunky Cubes

You will need the following

A medium sized cooking pot or pan with lid

Square baking dish or cake tin - I used a 15cm x 10cm baking dish


Mixer with whisk attachment or hand mixer

Cook time is around 20 minutes plus curing time


200g sugar

50g glucose syrup

110ml seville orange juice divided in half 

10g Gelatin

Pinch of sea salt

50g (or more) of icing sugar

1 tsp toasted and ground hogweed seed

1 tsp of dried and ground woodruff leaves - you could use a little vanilla in place of this.





Place half of the orange juice in a cup or bowl and add the gelatine to bloom for a few minutes 

Add the sugar, one half of the juice and glucose to a pot and place over a medium heat and very gently swirl the pan as it comes up to heat. As soon as the mix comes to a gentle rolling boil cover with the lid and allow to cook for two minutes. Remove the lid and brush the sides of the pan with a damp brush if any crystals have formed and allow the mixture to come to 116°C. Remove from the heat and allow the bubbles to subside before going to the next stage.

Add the bloomed gelatine to your stand mixer or bowl and with the machine running on medium speed pour over the sugar syrup and allow to mix for 5-6 minutes until the mixture is voluminous and shiny like meringue. While this is happening line your baking dish with baking paper and brush with oil or butter.

Once the right texture has been achieved then add the hogweed seed and woodruff and stir through with an oiled spoon or spatula. This mix will be sticky so use oiled tools where needed. Pour into the prepared dish and allow to cool fully for at least a couple of hours.

Turn out on to a heavy dusting of icing sugar (perhaps mixed with some more woodruff or ground hogweed seed) and slice into cubes with an oiled knife taking the time to wipe the knife down between slices for a clean finish.

Toss with more sugar and keep in an airtight jar. At this stage they could be used in another recipe or dipped in chocolate. Any range of flavours can be added to the final step, These will last as long as your desire can allow. Or a few weeks. 

 Wild Marshmallows 

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